UPS Tracking

As UPS is one of the largest postal service in the United States of America, it offers tracking services to their customers through the online website The company provides the tracking technology in a way that it empowers you to see, solve, and meet expectations locally, globally or by package. UPS implemented a wide range of tracking tools that deliver precisely the information which you need. Accordingly, you can estimate the delivery of products based on your requirement so that you can schedule your own plans. Two different types of UPS Tracking tools are available such as low volume or occasional tracking and volume tracking.

Low Volume or Occasional Tracking

Under the low volume or occasional tracking, you can get the advantages from different types of services such as UPS Tracking, UPS My Choice, and UPS Mobile. UPS Tracking offers insight about your shipment's status all along its journey. By using enhanced tracking options, you have the most up-to-date information. It offers several ways to track and provide convenient ways to stay informed of current status, unexpected delays, and the delivery of successful shipment. You can find easier way to track 25 UPS small package shipments in a single mail. For that, you can simply send your tracking numbers from anywhere by composing an email and it will send a detailed tracking response to your email address. Track by reference option is available wherein you can able to assign a reference like a purchase order number or customer number to help track shipments without entering the tracking numbers externally. The purchase order number or customer number must contain up to 35 characters. Through, you can view tracking history of most recent shipments up to 75 and store up to 50 tracking numbers in your tracking history table for easy access. At tracking history section, you can add or change a shipment description for a quick and at a glance reference. You can stay up to date with vital tracking information details throughout your entire supply chain. Using Flex Global View and Quantum View Manage tracking tools, you can track a single shipment across the country or moving around the globe.

UPS My Choice

You need not to take time or change plans or stay home to pickup the delivered package. Because, UPS My Choice allows you to check out how, when and where the home deliveries will occur which fit for your schedule. Accordingly, you can get the information about estimated arrival and progress alerts. The advantages of this tracking tool is that set vacation holds, change a delivery address, or hold at a UPS location. You can make easy to put your plans ahead of a package whether through the online website or mobile application. It provides two levels of membership which included free service and premium membership service. A free service membership offers a core set of delivery management features with enhanced services available on demand. If you have received frequent shipments while you're away from home, you can consider premium membership to control your shipments. The advantages included delivery alerts, delivery planner, estimated delivery time, leave it instructions, deliver to a UPS access point location, deliver my package on another day, upgrade UPS Surepost package, hold for will call, and confirmed delivery window. The important note is that additional transportation charges may apply if outside the original delivery area. Premium members receive two free confirmed two hour delivery window requests annually and an $8 fee is charged for additional request. Members are charged an $8 fee for each confirmed 2-hour delivery window request. 

UPS Mobile

Through UPS Mobile, you can monitor and modify home deliveries, plan outgoing packages and find locations very easily without any hassles out. You can get text alerts about package deliveries or status changes on any device which can receive SMS. Using UPS Mobile app, you can access UPS My Choice to modify, to view or timing or location of the home package deliveries. You can also create the list of shipments and either schedule a pickup or locate the nearest UPS location. This mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS mobile device users. Using SMS option, you can get to find the locations of or track the packages simply by sending SMS through your mobile device whether you're in offline. 

UPS Access Point

The company is creating a network of access points in order to make your online shopping easier and delivery more convenient based on UPS Access points and nearby stores. You can get the benefit from these access points from shipping and receiving your packages to integrating the locations into your business. The access point network included merchants, consumers, and neighbourhood businesses. 

Volume Tracking

Predominantly, UPS Volume Tracking tool provides the services including UPS Quantum View, Flex Global View, Pickup notifications for LTL, UPS Trackpad, UPS Signature Tracking, and UPS Electronic Data Interchange. 

UPS Quantum View

The full suite of Quantum View visibility tools work for improving the business and these web-based tools helpful for managing and controlling your supply chain operations. The browser based software empowers you to do much more than see your inbound and outbound shipments. You can customize the depth of detail and even capture the third party shipments which may give you a flexibility to anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems. Quantum View Dashboard modules are Quantum View Manage, Quantum View Data, Quantum View Custom, and Quantum View Notify. Quantum View Manage is specifically designed for providing the consolidated visibility into your package and freight shipments. Accordingly, you can manage the shipments proactively without any hassles for your supply chain operations. By using powerful and customizable monitoring, notification and reporting tools, you will reduce costs while improving communication with customers, suppliers and team members. You can configure status notifications through email and SMS. Including all these, you can forecast and solve the delivery issues, improving customer service satisfaction. Quantum View Notify delivers the shipments status updates whenever needed. Including this, it offers reliable and rapid notifications about changes in your shipment's status. It coordinates the planning easy by sharing the responsibilities that are involved with tracking shipments. So, your customer service representatives can be automatically made aware of shipments that may be delayed. Your accounting department will get the information including when the shipment has been delivered so that they can invoice the customer. 

Quantum View Data

You may not having flexible time to keep an eye on each and every package but you want the tracking information of the delivered packages.  The shipment status updates can be automatically downloaded as frequently as every hour if needed and they can be in a different file formats. It gives you more time to productive and lets take you advantage of the benefits of the extensive UPS tracking network with your own existing systems. This service is available in 30 countries and it included three service options such as inbound, outbound, and third party. 

Quantum View Custom

Quantum View Custom gives you optimized high-volume shipment tracking for your business and it will take your business model from reactive to proactive. It gives you a complete visibility into your supply chain in an easy-to-use format.

Flex Global View

It is mainly designed for bringing better visibility to your supply chain and keeps track of hundreds of package and shipments around the globe. Flex Global View allows you to view and respond to the key information about shipment and critical milestones as they occur. You can enter shipment numbers including house bills, UPS tracking numbers or freight number into the Flex Global View and you will get the total information from the name of the freighter to package-level details of who signed for the shipment delivery. UPS supply solutions service enables you to set up automated alerts to your key personnel about customs alerts. Using this UPS Tracking tool, you can make control over supplier management and inventory tracking. 

UPS Trackpad

UPS Trackpad integrates the information of your company's existing systems, capturing signature information, and automatic e-mail alerts with a minimal amount of training. With this tool, you'll be able to print existing bar codes and offers the ultimate in reassurance regarding your shipments. 

UPS Signature Tracking

If you want detailed information about your shipment at the destination, you can use UPS Signature Tracking which shows you the entail information of the shipment including street, suite numbers, and postal codes. When you embed the immediate proof of delivery into your shipping process with the help of this tool, you're able to ease your customers with the knowledge. 

UPS Electronic Data Interchange

Integration of standard data format like electronic data interchange is including advantages such as reduce the business costs, spend less time to track down the shipments that you need, and spend more time on enhancing your business. It gives you maximum compatibility with established systems and data security around your information transfers. Accordingly, you will receive batch processing of package level detail information, billing information, and tracking information.

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