UPS Claim

UPS Claim

UPS Claim is one of the services available at wherein you can report a package problem by entering the UPS tracking number and indicate whether you're a shipper. On this website, you can select the type of problem including whether your package is lost, package is damaged, or a C.O.D payment was not collected. It will provide you the solution based on the assessment of your problem effectively.

Claims Process

You can learn more about the online processing for reporting a lost or damaged package including claim status, submit documents, cancel a claim, claims preferences, preventing a claim, and administration. You can control the status of your lost or damaged packages or uncollected C.O.D through this claims process. Including all these, you can submit documents in support of a claim or cancel a claim from the check status page based on your entered package details like tracking number. Using claims history option, you can able to view the history of your lost or damaged packages or the history of your uncollected C.O.D that are filed with UPS. You can also customize your preferences in order to determine how information displays on the history at 

Preventing Claims

Preventing Claims is the best available option to reduce the chance of reporting a problem through UPS Claim. You can get the vital information about preventing claims and they are developed by UPS engineers. If your claim has been denied and want to know the details about it, you can consider the helpful suggestions at preventing claims webpage. This technical document constitutes the essential denial reasons such as package insufficiently sealed or closure failed, damage to the external case owing to no protective care, products packaging closure failed causing leakage, single wall box is not sufficient to support the product's weight, package lacked edge protection to prevent it from bending, and preventing claims overview. You can follow the guidelines to prevent from your package is lost or damage. The recommendations to restrict the damage or lost of the package included as follows:
  • You're required to use the strong box to support the weight of your package contents.
  • Once you completed the making of parcel, you need to use ship cases in corrugated shipping containers. 
  • Accordingly, seal the parcel to avoid the leakage of your contents. 
  • In order to protect the items from each other and the corners, top, and bottom of the box, you can use at least two inches of appropriate cushioning material.
  • Additionally, reinforce package edges to prevent it from bending.
  • With the use of reinforced tape, seal the package securely. 
  • In the final step, include the complete address information and telephone numbers on the label. 
Check out the package tips here : UPS Package Guidelines

You can make use certain covers or caps for your package that may help you to ensure they do not loosen during transit of the package. It's better to add a head induction foil seal to protect from leakage. When you shipping the liquids as items, you're make sure that apply closures with the correct application torque to ensure that the liner compresses and forms a good seal.

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