UPS Shipping Wine

UPS Shipping Wine

UPS Shipping Wine program is designed to meet the requirements of customers in a way that it allows the shippers to offer shipping services who are licensed to ship the wine. Permissible shipments included all wine shippers who must be entered into a UPS agreement for approved wine shippers. Including this, the wine shippers should have the license for making the successful wine shipments and the license should be authorized in accordance with the laws and regulations of federal or state government. UPS is expanding their services across the globe and it added the international destinations for shipments of wine and other specific types of alcoholic beverages. The company has the right to unilaterally modify or amend any requirements for international wine or alcohol shipments. UPS International shipping guide may change at any time without any prior notice for any reason. The customer is the responsible for keeping up to date with continuing comply with any changes that are made by the company from time-to-time to any documentation, packaging, labeling, or other requirements. 

UPS International Shipping Wine

This international shipping wine guide document contains the vital information subsuming ship to a UPS access point location, Quantum View Notify, permissible shipments, UPS requirements, hold for pickup, who can ship wine, and UPS approved destinations for wine shipments.

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Ship to a UPS Access Point Location

Specifically, approved wine shippers can use this service in conjunction with Adult Signature Required for consumers who prefer to pickup the wine shipments through this access point location. In order to enable this service, shippers should use a UPS locator tool and the accepts restricted articles filter to choose an approved destination access point location. The wine shipments can not be rerouted to access point locations once in transit. At this location, recipients must show their authorized ID proof to collect the wine shipments to verify their age whether 21 or older. If the recipients not having the proper identification or not 21 years of age, they will not eligible to receive the wine shipments and it will be considered as undeliverable and returned to the shipper. 

Permissible Shipments

Based on the shipper's license to sell wine and laws of the destination states, the company permits the following types of wine shipments licensed to licensed, direct to consumers for winery direct shipment states, Intrastate retailer to consumer for intrastate retailer states, and retailer to consumer for retailer direct shipment states. 

Quantum View Notify

To verify the delivery confirmation of wine shipments, UPS recommends to use Quantum View Notify tool. Because, it sends a shipment notification to your email when the wine shipment will be delivered and this service is available at no additional charges. 

UPS Requirements

The shipper must process the wine shipment with a UPS compatible shipping solution which subsuming Worldship or any approved third-party vendor system. All packages should meet the requirements for wine. All wine shipments must be made using UPS delivery confirmation adult signature required service. UPS Hold for Pickup can be used by approved shippers for consumers to prefer for picking up their wine shipments from a customer center location.

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