UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions

In order to seize the opportunities for growing of your business, UPS Healthcare Experts bring the key solutions including supply chain, optimization and supply chain management support, and customer care services. By making partnership with UPS, it empowers you to enhance your market growth while minimizing the risk, ensure compliance, reduce net costs, and streamline the processes. UPS Supply Chain Solutions will be very helpful for mid and large scale healthcare firms subsuming biopharmacuetical, pharmacuetical, medical or surgical supply and medical device which have complex product shipping and distribution requirements. The solutions are included inventory management, logistics design and management, order management support, order fulfilment support, distribution management support, and back-end services support. 

Logistics Design and Management

It has established methodologies and tools in order to examine your entire healthcare supply chain and assess your needs and goals. UPS Logistics Design and Management provides efficient solutions which improve and optimize your supply chain for better performance. All of which leads to deliver the stronger business results and better patient outcomes. With the use of this supply chain solutions, you can implement the plan, leveraging UPS visibility and management technology or choose to engage the team to manage your every day-to-day process from anywhere in the world.

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Inventory Management

For every healthcare company, the most important struggle is the cost of order and inventory management. No one want to run out of shortage of live saving products but additional inventory leads to the compensation of supply chain inefficiencies in terms of financing, insurance and storage. To curb this problems of inventory management, UPS provides the efficient supply chain management so that you can carry less inventory, optimize your transportation, and reduce all costs. In addition to these, it can help you to handle service parts management and better manage the reverse supply chain when you deal with returns or replacement products. 

Distribution Management Support

You can depend on UPS distribution management support to get optimized center distribution operations and space utilization to reduce the costs. This supply chain management including implemented strategies, automated systems, and best practices to streamline inbound and outbound processes. It also introduces a robust warehouse management system which integrates seamlessly with your broader monitoring and invoicing platforms. 

Order Management Support

The order management support provides the inventory and pricing confirmation solutions, as well as monitoring orders with proof of delivery and tracking. Based on your product and customer requirements, supply chain management support your team in a way of managing multiple levels of incentives and pricing. 

Order Fulfilment Support

With custom service or UPS Order to Cash Service Model, you can get assistance from point of order entry to cash receipt. Accordingly, it provides the single source solution that eliminates the need to build out supply chain infrastructure and invest in acquiring, integrating and implementing of ERP software or hardware. As well as, you can rely on support services to make optimized and ongoing management of your returns process. 

Back-end Services Support

By using UPS Supply Chain management support, you can set up your accounts that are receivable, payments and rebates, process invoices, and support you with charge-backs, dispute resolutions and collections.

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